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Freedom With Puppy Housebreaking Dogs
Indoors Using A Dog Litter Box

Lack Of Freedom With Traditional Puppy Housebreaking

Most dog owners have to adhere to a relatively fixed schedule of taking their dogs out first thing in the morning and then rushing home at the end of the day to let their dogs out again for elimination.  Sometimes, they would even come home during lunch hours to take their dogs out for a mid-day break.  It was part of traditional puppy housebreaking for dogs to hold everything in all day inside the house without soiling the carpets or floors.

If one is caught in rush hour after work resulting in big delays getting home, it would be up to the dogs to keep holding things in.  Of course, sometimes they can’t do this if the owner is really late coming home.

image puppy housebreaking dogs dog litter box

Then when dog owners go out in the evenings, they have to sometimes leave social events early in order to make it back home in time again to let their dogs out once more before it is time to go to bed.

This type of a relatively fixed schedule is one that most dog owners live with.  It doesn’t offer much freedom to really stray from such an inflexible routine taught since puppy housebreaking.

More Freedom Housebreaking Dogs Using Dog Litter Box

I, on the other hand, don’t worry much if I’m caught in rush hours.  I don’t have to rush home to take my dogs outside to do their business.  This is because I chose to use a method of housebreaking dogs indoors using a special dog litter box.  Instead of having to hold everything in and wait for me to come home, my dogs simply go to their dog litter box whenever they need to.

Puppy Housebreaking Dogs Indoors
Using A Dog Litterbox

I can come home whenever I want as well as come and go anytime as I please.  I have complete freedom from any fixed schedule in regards to the puppy housebreaking of my dogs.  The dog litter box is available for my pets twenty four hours per day, seven days per week when they are at home.

When it rains hard during thunderstorms or when there is a bad snowstorm during winters up here in Canada where we live, we don’t even go outside.  My dogs and I stay indoors where it’s nice and warm, not to mention dry.  They appreciate this and I also appreciate this too.

As a dog owner or a potential one, you too can have this type of freedom if you choose puppy housebreaking your dog successfully indoors with a dog litter box.  Many of the pet supply retailers such as Petsmart and Petco now carry litterboxes.

As for the techniques used in housebreaking dogs indoors, I have created a special website just for this purpose in order to help people out who want to utilize this type of system.  I have been using this method since 1979 and have taken four dogs from puppies to adult through it.  All four of them have been successfully trained in this manner, which resulted in us enjoying the freedom that came from it.  The only bad consequence of being caught in rush hours was that I had to have my own dinner late.

For more information on puppy housebreaking using a dog litter box, see the indoor potty training dog information page.

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