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Dog Training Resources Puppy Training Reviews

Dog Training Resources

Here are some dog training resources that cover much more than what is covered in my free Basic Dog Obedience Training video - if you haven't seen this yet, see bottom of this webpage for details.  I've personally reviewed all of these resources and highly recommend them to other dog owners.  The video and text below go through my reviews of these dog training resources.

Reviews Of Dog Training Resources

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Secrets To Dog Training By Daniel Stevens

Secrets To Dog Training is a huge 261 page book on much more than just basic dog training.  It helps owners stop dog behavior problems.  It starts with some basics of dog ownership, diet, nutrition, dog toys and types of dog training including dog whispering brought to the forefront by Cesar Milan.  It then gets into dog body language, signals and facial expressions to help you understand your dog better.

The book then covers aggression problems, nipping, biting, chewing issues and jumping on furniture as well as people.  Leash and walking issues are next followed by barking problems.  Basic commands similar to the ones I covered in my free dog obedience training video are covered but more advanced commands like fetch are covered too. 

Various behavior issues like separation anxiety and health related issues like allergies  finish off this very informative book.  Secrets To Dog Training also comes with several useful bonus reports on topics like alpha dogs, grooming, gourmet meals and common dog training consultations.

I have personally gone through Secrets To Dog Training and highly recommend it.  Click on the graphic below for more details on this book.

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Puppy Training and Dog Training Online By Dove Cresswell

If you prefer to learn about puppy training and dog training online through videos rather than by reading books, then this option by Hollywood dog trainer Dove Cresswell is a good one.  Dove takes you through online video lessons on puppy housebreaking, crate training, dog obedience commands, walking on leashes, dog recall, good dog manners and even special dog tricks.  There are several informative bonuses that come along as audio files as well. 

The choice between these online video lessons by Dove Cresswell and the dog training book by Daniel Stevens really depends on what your preferred method of learning is.  I found Secrets To Dog Training to be a resource with more content and subject matter but if you do prefer videos to reading and don't need as much content in the book, then Dove's online videos may be appropriate for you.  You can see a sample video lesson at her website if you click on the graphic below.

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I found both of these puppy training resources to be quite good and therefore would highly recommend that you check them out to further your dog training knowledge.

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