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Dog Boots For Winter - Muttluks Dog Booties Review

Dog Boots For Winter

Up here in Canada, a lot of road salt is used during the winters.  When I take my dogs outside for walks, their paws can get very irritated by the salt.  In fact, my girl Roxie has been known to stop walking altogether and sometimes even yelp a bit because of the salt.  She really does not like the road salt at all.  So we started to look into dog boots or dog booties as they are sometimes known. 

The first brand we tried were like balloons.  We couldn't even get them onto the dogs' paws.  So I returned them to the store and bought another brand called Muttluks.  This brand was also not easy to put on but at least was much easier compared to the first brand.  I don't think any dog boots are easy to put on.

Review Of Dog Boots For Winter

Muttluks Dog Boots

The Muttluks dog boots look well constructed, durable and the fleece lined model seemed warm for my dogs.  It does still take some getting use to putting them on but with time, it gets a bit easier.  One trick I do is roll up the top cloth part first as you will see in the accompanying video above.  This is when basic dog obedience training comes in handy to ensure that your dog will cooperature while you struggle to put the dog booties on - see below for my free dog training video.

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The first few times out with the Muttluks dog boots, some of the boots did come off.  Fortunately, these test runs were only out in the backyard so all boots were recovered.  I learned that the dog boots must be put on all the way so that the dog's toenails are touching the end of the boot.  Also, the velcro strap must be on fairly tight and above the ankle area rather than below.  With a tight strap above the ankle, chances of the dog boots coming off are much reduced.

The dogs were a bit awkward with the boots at first but once outside, they quickly adjusted.  Now they can do a pretty good trot with them on during walks.

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My Dogs With Their Dog Boots On

Our Position On Dog Booties

Speaking of walks, we will use the dog booties only if we are going out on the roads where there is salt.  If we go out in the backyard area only, we won't bother with the Muttluks dog boots since there isn't any road salt out there.  If my dogs start feeling cold in their feet, they can simply come back inside anytime they want as the back door is always slightly open.

For a good source for Muttluks, Pet Street Mall has a great selection of them - click on the banner below and do a search for Muttluks at their website.

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Continuing on with dog walks, we actually don't have to go out if weather conditions are bad.  We just go out for fun and exercise since both of my dogs are totally potty trained indoors to use a dog litter box.  See my article and video on No More Bad Weather Dog Walks.

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Dog Boots Drying Off After A Winter Walk

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